Beautician is one of three paintings currently on display at The City Gallery in Nottingham just facing the Council House on Long Row. Wet on wet its a fun quirky painting in a style I return to from time to time. The two other art works on display are 'Looking Back' & 'Grandad's Parlour', funny enough they are in a similar style too. Another commission is occupying my time and thoughts at present & keeps me from adding to my gallery page. In fact the commission has taken over everything here at the studio and home. It was such an honour to be asked to paint it, yet the client says that THEY are the ones that feel honoured. Like all my paintings there is narrative, even 'Beautician' has a story but this is different, a tragedy so horrific that it would melt the coldest heart, it is sad, sorrowful and heart breaking beyond imagination. No need for research either as it recently unfolded on national television.  Its the first time in my life that I fear of failure in my art.


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