Angels Garment
It's about time I got back to Nine Strikes, it does no harm setting a painting aside for a while as a rested eye often leads to a better composition or a rethink as to the initial direction. This rest convinced me to paint the Angel's garment in a jade like green and I duly mixed some casein for the under painting. Right on the first paint stroke I knew it was a mistake,,, come on,, how many ginger angels have you seen wearing a green gown ? Not many I wager ! It had to go back to theoriginal blue/violet/mauve hue always favoured by cat cradling angels for as long as I can remember. For this stage I abandoned the glazes and painted the garment in wet on wet,, oh the joy, the abandon, McEvoy living on the edge. I had to set down my brush and make another brew just to get my adrenaline rush under control. Have a peep at my painting method on the garment, this may be of assistance to some. Often large areas ( although not large in this case) are somewhat daunting to beginning artists,, I'm actually completing the garment in seven individual sections which also results in possibly seven slightly different shades of the same colour, each section is on a different plane so in reality, would be absorbing light or shade at varying levels. Note that in the section of torso to the bottom of the canvas I have started by putting the shadow in first, that's a trait I usually adhere to as it helps develop a feel for form, contours, folds etc. Works for me and besides, ' its a journey not a race '.


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