I picked this little frame up some time back, I like the carved moulding and the mellowness of the wood but the narrow format limited my usual style of art, it seemed more appropriate for a marine painting rather than a portrait. So keeping with the ' water ' theme I painted the bathing house sparrows in water colour. Sparrows feature quite often in my work, I love their communal family attitude and how they all work together. In this scene two sparrows enjoy their daily ablutions while the third watches out for danger. He doesn't lose out as he soaks his feet he flutters his feathers and exploits the water droplets that the other two rain down on him.They do the same thing while feeding at my bird table, two feed and when the other panics that all the seed and mealworm will be scoffed he flies in and one of the diners takes up his sentry duties on the nearby fence post.


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