Hello and welcome to my website. The site is brand new, I've never had one of my own. Up to now I've just uploaded my artwork to various on-line galleries.
I've never had a blog either. I feel a little awkward, the feeling I get while talking to a corporate answering machine.
It's different typing a text message or e-mail somehow, well for me it is as I can normally put a face to the recipient and when I tap the send key the message leaves me and goes to them.
This blog just floats here waiting to be found. Like the dozens of messages I put in bottles as a boy and tossed into the Belfast Lough.
I plan to post photos of my work from sketch stage through to finished work hopefully demonstrating the techniques that suit me.
I welcome comments, questions or suggestions on my art and welcome any assistance or advice on making my site better for anyone who wishes to come in out of the rain.