This is the latest from my 'At Arms Length ' oil on canvas series and I shall be exhibiting this along with 'At Arms Length 01 ' and ' Felix In The Sun 'cat painting (below) in the Nottingham Society Of Artists contemporary exhibition from Saturday 2nd to Sunday 10th June. Following the exhibition they will then be listed in my paintings for sale page.
The exhibition theme is ' The Language Of Colour ' and I decided to go for a simple palette, a few split complimentries and a play with warm and cool colour, all good fun and a welcome diversion and good excuse to air my larger flat hog hair brushes.
Felix In The Sun, oils on canvas 24 x 20 inch
' At Arms Length 02 ' oil on canvas 14 x 18"
This should be a good event, not to be missed.
Matthew and I have been busy preparing our studio and gallery room this last few days in the middle of a heat wave, in the end we came to the conclusion we have way to much work to exhibit. Abandoning all reason or subtleties we filled every inch of wall space and stacked the surplus work  like LPs at a record fair. The more the merrier and all for sale.
Matthew will concentrate on his unique pyrography but I'm hoping he will include a reasonable sample of his distinctive paintings too.
You can watch Matthew demonstrate his skills in the workshops and I shall attempt to make some progress on two oil paintings from the ' Red Ribbon ' portrait and figurative series in the gallery/studio.
Come along and see. Bargain price paintings and pyrography all the way
' At Arms Length ', oils on canvas
First of a possible series depicting people taking self portraits on their mobile phones or digital cameras. This painting is from an onlookers angle which makes it more interesting to see the sitter position herself and align the camera for the shot, rather than from a lens eye view.
I may actually recreate another painting as though painted from the camera lens or a resulting photograph.
See my paintings for sale page from further details.

No matter where you are in the Midlands or even further afield, the Nottingham Society of Artists spring exhibition is a must to see. I took my paintings in on Tuesday for submission and saw some really quality exhibits already there. Can you imagine what else will arrive by Saturday ! The exhibition runs from 15th May until 23rd May and I will be stewarding on Thursday 17th in the morning. Stewarding is new to me and will give me a chance to contribute in a small way to the fantastic work that the members do. Hopefully I will get some visual feed back on my work from the public, approving smiles would be encouraging anything other than howls of laughter a bonus. I find it difficult to decide just what to exhibit, do I stick to a theme or present totally different works or styles, what would prove popular or receive more recognition ? I chose the last two paintings of my easel which predictably continue with recollections of my childhood memories and imagination, or rather the imagination of my sisters. With a hint of old masters in posture and Pre Raphaelite in hue in both works, reflecting improvised toys and role play. Just as young Colum next door does as he waves his cricket bat around which even I'm convinced is a lightsabre and young Colum is actually saving the entire starwars universe from destruction. The first painting 'Lollipop Princess' depicts a maid in waiting tending a beautiful princess or is that what my little sister sees in the mirror as my mom prepares her for Sunday school ? The other painting 'Girl With Electric Fruit' shows the (princess) in a different role and her make do props an obvious reality.

' Lollipop Princess '
' Girl with Electric Fruit '