'Bathing Belle' took a commended rosette at L.E.A.M.A.C. 2013 open competition in Long Eaton Town hall, themed (water) category.
I could have gone a lot further with this painting with water droplets on hair and skin but I felt that keeping it less detailed was in harmony with the surrounding water.
Please see my gallery page for details.
oil on stretched canvas 20 x 24 inch


21/02/2013 5:09am

I know this artist personally,so have seen him in action,also seen many of his works,from concept to completion.The noticable thing about him is that some works are self explanitary,while others leave youre imagination to run wild,without the need to analyse,many of his subjects have infinate meanings and possibilities,and have the ability to "pop-up" in your thoughts long after the initial viewing.

21/02/2013 7:52am

Thanks for the kind comments Fran, I need an interaction or narrative in my work and have found it impossible to paint a landscape without sneaking in some ' food for thought ' a figure in the distance, a spade leaning against a gate etc.
Your painting is progressing rapidly now, having passed the scary white canvas stage. A subject I possibly would not normally wish to do I have now turned it round to a McEvoy painting and enjoying the journey. Hopefully I will post an update tonight.


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