' China Dolls ' stage 4
Here is the artwork showing minor alterations to the angle and positioning to the eyes etc, with some blocking in or cartooning with casein paint diluted just enough to allow the white of the canvas to still light up the colour. This will still be evident as the subsequent layers or glazes of oils that are applied The finished painting is now showing at The Nottingham Society of Artists in the Heritage Open days exhibition. While I was stewarding I was fortunate to meet another member Keith Wilkinson who like myself is interested in the methods used by the old masters in making their paints & mediums. Keith has a studio/gallery attached to his frame making business and produces frames second to none. As a highly talented artist Keith can advice a style, colour and size of frame to best suit your needs with a sympathy and flare that is second nature to this talented man. Keith's website is worth bookmarking, take a look at his on line gallery to see some of his master pieces and view the quality framing   http://www.keith-wilkinson-frames.co.uk/


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