Hello and welcome to my website. The site is brand new, I've never had one of my own. Up to now I've just uploaded my artwork to various on-line galleries.
I've never had a blog either. I feel a little awkward, the feeling I get while talking to a corporate answering machine.
It's different typing a text message or e-mail somehow, well for me it is as I can normally put a face to the recipient and when I tap the send key the message leaves me and goes to them.
This blog just floats here waiting to be found. Like the dozens of messages I put in bottles as a boy and tossed into the Belfast Lough.
I plan to post photos of my work from sketch stage through to finished work hopefully demonstrating the techniques that suit me.
I welcome comments, questions or suggestions on my art and welcome any assistance or advice on making my site better for anyone who wishes to come in out of the rain.


08/05/2012 4:28pm

"By hook or by crook,
I'll be the first visitor in your book!"

Your pictures are fantastic, Michael, and are just the style I like.
I will be a regular customer.
It was a pleasure to meet you (and your wife) recently and to be able to look at your oeuvre close up and in detail, with an interesting and useful running commentary.
Thank you for your time and hospitality - much appreciated.

08/05/2012 8:27pm

Thank you for your kind comments John. I am delighted you like your painting, that makes it all worth while.

09/05/2012 10:21pm

Just a quick note to let you know that the four paintings arrived yesterday in good shape. They are absolutely lovely! While they look good on the web, they are even better "in the flesh". My husband, is still away on business but returns Friday evening. I can't wait for his reaction.
We're looking forward to driving up to see you, but have not yet fixed on a date. We'll be sure to contact you well in advance to make sure you're free and it's convenient.
Kind regards,

14/05/2012 8:12pm

Good work Michael - loving the cherries ;)

Look forward to the new ones that are coming - get 'em done!!

Kate Cloud
05/06/2012 9:08pm

It was lovely to meet you at Long Eaton Art Room open weekend. I like your style of painting and the personal stories that inspire so many of them are very moving. Hope to see you again!

Kate x

06/06/2012 1:56am

Thank you for your comment Kate, it was a pleasure and privilege to meet you and to see your imaginative creations.
At present you are the painting in my minds eye, it would be a shame not to record it on canvas.


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