This should be a good event, not to be missed.
Matthew and I have been busy preparing our studio and gallery room this last few days in the middle of a heat wave, in the end we came to the conclusion we have way to much work to exhibit. Abandoning all reason or subtleties we filled every inch of wall space and stacked the surplus work  like LPs at a record fair. The more the merrier and all for sale.
Matthew will concentrate on his unique pyrography but I'm hoping he will include a reasonable sample of his distinctive paintings too.
You can watch Matthew demonstrate his skills in the workshops and I shall attempt to make some progress on two oil paintings from the ' Red Ribbon ' portrait and figurative series in the gallery/studio.
Come along and see. Bargain price paintings and pyrography all the way

mathew lindau
12/06/2012 8:57am

Yup - hot and toasty, despite the rain we had at times ;) - was a fun 4 days

12/06/2012 7:28pm

yes Mathew it was great, the next one later in the year should be even better.


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