I have just received an e mail from the EAC Art Awards Administrator in London telling me that I received a highly commended with my painting 'House Sparrow'. There was almost 2000 entries and presentation will be held in The House Of Lords in due course. The painting is gathering interesting comments, " A super and strange painting.  Strong colors and pattern contrasting with the modern Alice in wonderland girl. I loved it ".      Rebecca Pullen
'House Sparrow' is currently on display at Long Eaton Town Hall.  Description :  oils 24 X 20 inch on slimline stretched canvas, soft sheen varnished with edges painted as part of the scene, strung and ready to hang. For further details see my gallery page.
 Inspiration :  Janet didn't go to school all that much because of her illness and was happier to help out with the daily house chores and go on errands for her mother. She sits near the parlour window facing the street enjoying the peaceful solitude before her brothers and sisters return, while keeping a watchful eye for the school board truancy official.
When I glance through the front window as I approach the house my movement causes Janet to glance like that. Still sitting near the window watching the world go by, still serene and enjoying the calm of the house, still ill and almost 70 years old.


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