Nine Strikes
'Nine Strikes' almost complete now with only drying and then varnishing to finish it off. I hoped to expose the cats tail but as the art work progressed the lower half of the canvas had enough distraction as it was. In a lot of my paintings I usually paint something in that almost merges with the background. a little sparrow or a prop that is of significance to the narrative. Concerned at not showing the cats tail I doubled up and painted the fur on the angels cuff sleeve to look like a tail. The fur was originally intended to be feathers so I altered that to appear as whatever the viewer wishes. Its all about illusion, just visual trickery,,, Look at the wings, then the cuffs you say "feathers", look at the cat first you will assume fur and does the picture portray a lady with a cat standing in front of a stone angel statue or is it really an angel ?


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