I'm fairly happy with the progress of Nine Strikes. At first I dreaded starting it and really only succumbed to starting it through guilt in letting down the friend who requested it. As it evolves I like it all the more, when I think about it, what's my issue with painting an angel cradling a cat in her arms when Ive not long completed a painting ' House Sparrow ' that got highly commended at the London art awards exhibition, depicting a girl with a sparrow on her arm indoors ? Come to think about it the other painting that took a rosette this week ' Serenade ' is a scene with a young woman sitting and clearly enthralled by a linnets song ! The hair will come to life when I add some more highlights and if I'm brave enough I will re-expose the Germanic chin that I partially concealed with the fur of the unfortunate cat. Dante Rossetti would frown at my hesitation but I fear outcome of my effort would resemble Desperate Dan in a frock.


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