Sometimes you strive as best you can & never actually achieve what you wish to portray or worse, if its a commission, ending up in a compromise with both parties not entirely comfortable with the results. The message & review below testifies to a successful outcome effectuated by a short sequence of e mails and half a dozen small sketches.
 Final consequence, a delighted client and an artist gains a friend.
Hi Michael,
 The painting arrived safely this morning, and I had a chance to open it and have a look at it privately this evening. All I can say is....WOW. You were right, it really is a totally different thing seeing it on a computer, to real life. When you can see the paper, the detail of the strokes, the shading and lines, it just looks stunning. On a computer is an image, but in your hand its an actual painting. I put it on the wall where I think it will go, and it looks terrific. Thanks again for a great piece of work, I'm sure we'll never tire of looking at it.
Then this review
The work was a painting for my wife's birthday, based on a series of photos taken during our honeymoon. I've never had a piece of art made like this, so wasn't sure what to expect.
I found Michael very easy to work with. His emails were very detailed, and he produced the sketches very quickly. He was also able to take my feedback on board and make adjustments just right. All this helped to make it a smooth process.
The final result is perfect, I'm more than happy with it. And I feel its a nice combination of what I wanted, with his artistic take on it.
Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a piece of art done for them.


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