It's rare for me to set down my brushes and say, "it's finished". Ive have often set my brushes down and thought, "I will set this aside and return to it with a fresh mind". It's usually when something in the composition is not to my liking or there is something not quite right or to my pleasing and I cant work out what it is.
 There are other times I should set the brushes down but cant, the journey has concluded, its all over, finished and I keep on painting, right through the National Anthem in total denial of the journeys end. This morning will be the first time in 11 days that I go to bed before the blackbird sings and I will sleep well with the knowledge 'that it's finished'
All that I wished for achieved, my promises accomplished. All I pray for now that the painting brings some joy, comfort and solace from the unimaginable sorrow that prevails in the household that it is destined for.

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