This is the third painting of this theme, I could paint a dozen more and never get bored, all totally different like Freda Kahlo's 48 plus self portraits all unique and presenting a different mood to the viewer. At first glance my first painting of 'Look On The Bright side' may appear a sad or lonely painting but it is far from sorrow, me as a boy in a row boat alone, my town submerged under water my world and all I knew has vanished but I'm in the sun and fishing. Happy days, the shark which may mean danger is veering away and all the fish are homing in on my baited hook, danger is passing and better times are approaching. That painting is in New York and I miss it as much as the passing of a loved one. The second painting 'Look On The Brightside #2' was commissioned for a client on Hollywood Blvd close to Sunset Strip and I painted me in the row boat closer to the foreground and altered the blue hues to represent an early morning atmosphere ( a new day ) a fresh start another chance at living. This third work deviates slightly & maybe even says more with me in the row boat collecting my unanswered messages. The same theme is carried on in 'Fledglings' As a child I had so many questions, so many unsolved puzzles, everything was complicated, it still is but with the passing of time I learned to live with it and accept the usual reply  " That's the way it is " images of the the other paintings can be found under the 'sold paintings' tab "


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