cropped image of 'Birthday Girl'
Ive got work coming out of my ears ! Really interesting commissions too. Art works that are no different to my own personal paintings, with nothing to tweak or put my stamp on as its already present. Michael McEvoy paintings in photographs to be transferred to canvas in oil paints. That's what its like. From different clients too. It looks like the photographers studied my style and form to take the stills and just gave me a challenge to convert black and white photos into colour ! Good news from Saatchi gallery with two paintings sold this week and just as interesting, two paintings arrived for conservation with the promise of more. I really like the opportunity to study in detail other artists work. It looks like I wont have any down time while I rest my own paintings between glazes or too wet to play periods. My new series of people taking self portraits with webcams, mobile phones etc will continue unaffected. In fact the paintings to follow the 'At Arms Length' series are well into draft and study stage.


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