At Arms Length 03, title,' Like Me'
I think I will go back to my usual method of thinning the oil paint with 50/50 linseed and thinner as the painting I am working on now will take an age to dry. Luckily is not a commission, so nobody will be screaming down the telephone in panic that their wedding anniversary present will not be presented to their wife on time. I used neat linseed and when it eventually dries the luster will be second to none, something no varnish will ever be able to replicate. The lengthening day light and warmer weather will spur it on, should it ever come! As a rule I have a few paintings on the go at the same time but when working to dead lines with commissions that isn't feasible all of the time. Its nice to set a painting aside while an area dries if you are painting glazes and resume work on another. I have decided to extend a series I did some time ago called 'At Arms Length'. Portraits of people from photos that they take of themselves usually with mobile phones. Or even more interesting photos that I have taken of them while they photograph themselves. This new series will be called '# tag' as it will be snaps of people taken with webcams as they communicate via a keyboard on social networking sites. It should create interesting lighting effects reflected on their faces from the pc monitors or laptop screens. This is a sketch with the photo reference laid on top. Its sketched with a script or lining brush with a mauve casein paint that I concoct myself. 


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